Staircase charges are applied when carrying items either up, down, inside or outside your premise.

We climb stairs only if items can be carried through a stairwell. One floor is 8 to 20 steps. The number of floors is calculated on the number of storeys in the building.

Carrying items more than 10 floors may require an outside delivery company and customers will be responsible for the additional charges incurred.

Please note our delivery team will not transport items up the outside of a building using ropes, cranes etc.

*Customer is advised to check the item(s) before having our delivery team carried it up to the staircase. Indigo Living Ltd. does not bear the risk and responsibility for any damage caused during the process of carrying up through the staircase.

Item(s) Charges per floor per item
Minimum charge per item(s) *Subject to exclusions: accessories, stool, dining chair HKD80

Some item(s) consists of multiple parts and requires extra packaging, therefore sub-charges will apply.

Example: L-shaped sofa • bed frame • dining table

HKD160 or above
All kinds of stone, marble and glass products To be quoted


*If the items cannot fit into the premise for any reason, staircase charges still apply for the service received.

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