Indigo Living’s contemporary interiors have graced countless
stylish homes, upscale serviced apartments, five-star hotel rooms and show
flats from Hong Kong and the Middle East to mainland China. With its bespoke
solutions that include full-scope interior design and styling services, custom
furniture package and a rental program, Indigo Living is the leading one-stop
home furnishing retailer and service provider in Hong Kong.


Inspiring Lives Through Beautiful Interiors

Our role is to take inspiration from design, trends and our environment and inspire our customers in turn. Celebrating that taste and style evolve and endures. We empower people to develop, refine and express themselves in a way that is beautiful to them. Inspired by real life. We are passionate about what we do. We believe everyone can live beautifully and we strive to make this possible.


Live Beautifully

This empowering, personal and elegant phrase expresses Indigo Living’s consumer proposition and forms a call to action. Beauty informs all you do and all you co-create - beautiful designs, beautiful materials, beautiful touches for beautiful homes. The phrase introduces an own-able brand personality: stylish and confident.