Our beautiful products last even longer when they're properly taken care of. Here are a few tips to help you better manage your Indigo Living furniture.


Retain the look that made you fall in love with it.
Always make sure that you choose fabric/upholstered furniture that is appropriate for your lifestyle. For example, synthetic fibers are a better choice for upholstered furniture that sit in areas of heavy usage. We also offer removable covers on many of our products so that they can easily be washed. To extend the life of your cushions, switch the seat and back cushions on a regular basis so to ensure even wear over the years. Cushions with a filling of fibre or foam/feathers should be shaken regularly to ensure form stability.


Simple care to make leather last a lifetime.
For general cleaning only use a dry soft cloth and if necessary, wipe or lightly rub the whole surface with a clean, soft cloth wrung in soapy water. If vacuum cleaning, use a soft brush nozzle to avoid scratching the surface. Protect leather from direct sunlight and sources of heat to prevent colour fading.


Marble is a porous material with an open surface that needs protection. Spilled liquids should be immediately removed with a neutrally coloured cloth wrung in lukewarm water. Use coasters underneath drinks and hot objects to protect the surface.